Long viewed as one of the hardest parts of the homes to easily update, the latest products and techniques make bathrooms more malleable than commonly assumed. You might have only renovated five years ago, but if you are really struggling for storage, or just battling with a vintage pedestal basin that seemed like a good idea at the time, you can make changes without feeling you need to take out a new mortgage. Our team can guide you through what is possible, but the first step is to consider the existing elements you like – and those you don’t – to establish what you are trying to achieve.

Wooden wall hung bathroom vanity with concrete basin.

If everything is functional but just needs to be brought up to date, there are numerous options that deliver big impact for little work. A great one is updating the tapware, as the choices now leave basic chrome taps for dust. Consider faucets in gunmetal, brass or perhaps two-tone, and don’t worry too much about everything looking the same, upcoming trends are all about the mix and match approach. Another easy fix is replacing the mirror, perhaps introducing something ornate with brushed gold edging, or choosing an oversized style that will enlarge the look of a small space. Curved edged options are not only on-trend, they soften the hard lines which can abound in a bathroom.


Nothing saps a bathroom of its energy like clutter; spare toilet rolls on the windowsill and oversized bottles of shampoo on the floor do not make great focal points. Happily, storage can be added relatively simply. Swapping the vanity for something with plenty of drawer space has the advantage of also giving the room a rejuvenated look. If you have the room, consider adding a matching wall-hung tower unit. Mirrored cabinets are also a handy dual purpose option, and don’t forget shelving.


If you feel the whole space is bland, introducing a statement element will instantly add interest. Installing a new vessel basin is a great solution here, and if you already have one that sits atop a vanity, it’s an easy swap. Given this will become the hero of the room, explore daring options, perhaps in gold or brass, colours which you can then echo in accessories, whether hooks, towel rails or soap dishes. Another way of turning heads is creating a feature wall. Particularly effective in powder rooms, it’s a straightforward update if using wallpaper; there are now myriad heavyweight scrubbable vinyl versions that cope with moisture.


One of the biggest moans about a slightly dated bathroom is the shower, from the cubicle being too small, to the fact you get soaked in cold water every time you turn it on for the kids. Updating a shower isn’t quite as challenging as you might think. A simple fix for those who crave a more immersive experience is installing column tapware, which has the dumper head and the slide shower all in one – and doesn’t need a separate water inlet. Pulling out and replacing an acrylic shower can also be done without disturbing the rest of the space.


When it comes to lighting, in modern bathrooms we want it all – we need plenty of task lighting to see what we’re doing, but ambience is just as key, and the wrong fitting can throw the whole mood of the room. For a simple update, simply swap out the existing with the new. Replacing dated sconces with sleek linear or perhaps bubbleshaped fittings will give your bathroom a modern twist, or you could add a dramatic pendant light. With an eye to efficiency, swap your downlights in the ceiling for LEDs.


Mico Bathroom Expert Louise Cook says: “There’s so much you can do these days! People are changing the look and feel of their bathrooms every five to 10 years because styles and trends move so quickly. It can be daunting because there is so much to choose from, but our team can guide you through your decision.”