Click on each element for tips and advice to help you with the planning and research stage of your project.  Whether it’s replacing your tapware or a full bathroom renovation, we can help you with everything you need to get started. Click here to book a consultation with one of our expert team.  

Vanity Buying Guide 

A vanity is the centrepiece of any bathroom – it’s worth taking the time to choose one you love. 

Tips for choosing a bathroom vanity 

Start by choosing your tiles and colour scheme, then find a vanity to match. Remember to bring a tile with you to our showroom.  

  • Consider whether you need one basin or two and how much storage you require.  
  • Allow plenty of time, as the perfect vanity takes time to build.  
  • Consider mirrored cabinets for extra storage space. 

Tapware Buying Guide 

There is a perfect tap for every style, function and budget. 

Tips for choosing tapware 

  • Decide on the overall design of your bathroom as this will influence the style of tapware you choose. 
  • Choose your vanity before you decide on tapware.  
  • Look at your current tapware for inspiration and guidance. What do you like and not like about your current tapware?   
  • Consider how often you will use this tap and who will be using it, as this will influence the design. 
  • Check your current water pressure – is the tapware you like a good match? 

How to renovate a bathroom

Showers Buying Guide 

Your shower is one of the most important elements of your bathroom, so make sure you consider your options carefully for your bathroom renovation. 

Tips for choosing the right shower 

  • Think about who will use the shower to ensure it meets everyone’s needs. For example, consider rail length, position, adjustability, spray pattern and water usage. 
  • Understand your water pressure so you can select the correct shower mixer for maximum efficiency and enjoyment.  
  • Identify whether you have unequal water pressure (this is common in renovated homes). If you do, your shower mixer may need to work harder to deliver the most comfortable shower – but don’t worry; we can help you find the right solution. 
  • Consider mains pressure, as this is the ultimate influencing factor when it comes to water efficiency. If you get the opportunity to upgrade your water system to mains pressure, it’s well worth the investment.  
  • Pay attention to the WELS Rating of each shower – this is a great tool to help you understand water efficiency.  
  • If you want a tiled recess for soaps, shower gels and shampoos, make sure this is installed before the lining goes in – it’s too late once the walls are tiled.  
  • Consider how you’ll keep your shower warm. Make sure you choose a fan heater or extractor suitable for the size of your bathroom.  

Shower wall options 

  • Frameless showers. These create space and simplicity against a tiled wall. Make sure you add a drip strip to prevent against water leaking through the gaps between the glass and tiles.  
  • Flat, side & corner contours. A one-piece, seamless acrylic wall lining makes for a complete storage system and easy cleaning.  
  • Acrylic walls. Choose from a variety of sizes and options (with or without corner storage or shaving footrests).   

Baths Buying Guide 

The essence of luxury or a functional must-have for your bathroom renovation?  

Tips for choosing the perfect bath 

  • Are you planning on selling your home in the future? Baths are a non-negotiable for some buyers, especially families with small children. 
  • Consider both style and function. For example, do you like drop-in or freestanding baths? Would you like bubble massage, spa, hydro or chromatherapy features? 
  • Decide on materials. Options include acrylic, poly marble, quarry cast, stone composite, pressed steel, lithocast, and cast iron.  
How to renovate a bathroom

Basins Buying Guide 

Make sure your basin ticks all the right boxes. 

Tips for choosing a basin 

  • Who will be using the basin? Basins need to be practical, attractive and accessible to everyone. 
  • Will a man be using the basin for a wet shave? Installation and positioning are key, so try before you buy if possible. 
  • Decide on your style. Do you like traditional or minimalistic? Bold or luxurious?  
  • Choose from a variety of materials such as china, cast bronze, brass, glass, composite stone or quarry cast. 

Toilets Buying Guide 

Strike a perfect balance between style and comfort. 

Tips for choosing the perfect toilet 

  • Get the right fit. Just because a toilet is stylish doesn’t mean it will be comfortable.  
  • Test how the seat lifts. Thankfully, soft closing seats are now included with most toilet suites. 
  • Think about cleaning. Consider a rimless toilet to keep nasty germs from hiding away.   

Toilet options 

  • Back to wall. These toilets sit flush to the wall; therefore, the inlet and waste pipes are concealed, and cleaning is easy.  
  • Close coupled. The toilet cistern sits near the wall, and the rear of the pan is offset from the wall. 
  • Wall hung or wall faced. Only the toilet pan is visible (the cistern is concealed behind the wall). 
  • Comfort height toilets. These toilets allow for increased pan height for your comfort.  
Luxury bathroom

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