Seven-year-old Talyn has a very rare condition – Resolved Infantile Spasms, along with various other medical conditions which means he has a very limited ability to communicate. His family felt a spa pool would help Talyn immensely as he is already showing signs of pain in his knee and elbow joints. Tayln loves the water and finds it relaxing – so he can now use his spa pool all year around.  

“Talyn was in hospice the day we delivered the spa, but his mum Hannah said he’d be stoked to see it when he got home. We are grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand and were all talking about how satisfying it felt to help out, but more importantly to see how much this meant to the family and Talyn,” says Hata Puriri, Branch Manager at Mico Te Rapa.

Sometimes a wish delivery simply involves giving the Make-A-Wish ‘Wish Coordinators’ a helping hand. A few hours of enthusiastic people-power can make a big difference.