Due to a hemorrhage in the womb around 38 weeks, baby Jaide was born with massive complications – blind, without speech, epileptic, severely brain-damaged with cerebral palsy. She was put on life support and when it was turned off, she kept kicking and kept breathing.

Now seventeen years old, Jaide has cheated death numerous times in her short life – most recently at Christmas last year, when she was sent home for palliative care. Her mum Jayne applied to have a wish granted for Jaide, something she knew would make a huge difference and bring joy to her daughter – a swing in their back yard.

Bugs Phillips, Branch Manager at Mico Levin was called in to help grant the wish and says within about an hour he had everything lined up. “One of our customers, Shaun Woodley was working next door to Jaide’s house, so we got him over to dig out a plot for the slab, PlaceMakers sorted us out with some boxing and while I was there I bumped into Jim Winiata who offered to place the concrete for us which Higgins supplied – it all just fell into place – everyone was more than happy to donate time and products for free,” he says.

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this to help Make-A-Wish and I’m pleased and grateful I had an opportunity to help. I’d love to be involved more – it’s a great cause.”

Bugs says he’s been speaking with Jaide’s grandfather who reports that she is using the swing every day and absolutely loves it.