A new spa was the perfect surprise to come home to for Taranaki six year old Genevieve after being in and out of Auckland’s Starship Hospital. Genevieve has Methylmalonic Acidemia and severe autism which means she's non-communicative.

“Genevieve’s family and our volunteers felt a spa pool would be the ideal wish for her, as it will relax her and she will get so much enjoyment out of water play. We also sought advice from Genevieve’s play specialist, who also said a spa would be perfect for her condition and will bring her many hours of joy,” says Kirsty Blackwell, Wish Coordinator at Make-A-Wish.

The wish delivery called for “a few strong blokes” so Dan Johanson, Daamon Solomon and Nick Watson from Mico New Plymouth, along with customers Jase, Leroy, Matt and Reece from Vepo stepped up to help with not only the delivery but installation of the Truform spa.

“Whilst waiting for the pool to arrive the team were greeted by one of Genevieve’s family members with coffee and a beautiful carrot cake that her mum had made for us… once all tummies were filled up we made quick work getting the pool into place ready for Genevieve’s arrival home from school,” says Dan.

As soon as her wish was revealed Genevieve made a beeline for the spa, reinforcing it was a great choice. The Mico team also presented Genevieve with the basket of colourful toys they had arranged as a little something extra. She was taken straight to the musical toys showing her own little bit of happiness by tinkering on the xylophone.

“A special thanks to all the Mico New Plymouth team and the Vepo lads who took time out of their regular duties to help with the wish – it was such an amazing experience to be involved in for all of us,” says Dan.