Arjun (4) from Lyall Bay in Wellington, is living with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. Despite having undergone treatment his entire life he is full of energy and loves being outdoors. His one true wish was for a construction play zone.

After receiving details from Make-A-Wish, Peter Du Plessis, Branch Manager at Mico Porirua started planning the install. “At one of our Friday morning branch BBQ’s I mentioned the project to our customers and their response to take part was breathtaking,” he says.

Peter says on the day of the install the task seemed daunting, with so many boxes to open and pieces to fit together plus missing instructions. Luckily reinforcements arrived and the team spent a full day putting together Arjun’s wish.

“We were still busy at 6.30pm and it had been a long day, but when Arjun arrived and we saw how happy the playhouse made him, the time we’d spent that day and our tiredness seemed irrelevant,” he says. “Arjun immediately started climbing up the playhouse and coming down the slide – it made even the toughest of us stand back and take a minute to take in how much this small act meant to him. The experience was rewarding and eye opening and we would all do it again in a heartbeat.”

Special thanks to; Byron (Mr B Plumbing) and Heath (Pimp my Pipes) for their support in both time and money, JD from JD Construction for making sure the structure was secure and safe, and Sam Knight, Region 3 Sales Rep for helping out in the torrential rain to fill the sandpit.