When you’re a kid and you get sick there’s not a lot in your world that you can control, but for ten-year-old Ella from Greymouth who is living with Kearns Sayre Syndrome and Dyslexia – a rare neuromuscular disorder which mainly affects the eyes, she knew exactly how she wanted her bedroom makeover wish to look and was involved in every detail of the decision making.

Make-A-Wish don’t have any volunteers in the Greymouth area, but they found all the help they needed in the team at Mico Greymouth. Ella decided what furniture and accessories she wanted in her room, but it was up to the Greymouth team to assemble the mountain of flat packs – a great (and fairly competitive) team bonding experience.

“It was a simple job, but we all had a great time doing it,” says Nathan Kaanga, Branch Manager. “We all stayed back one night and assembled the furniture – Marie was getting quite competitive and there were a lot of laughs.”

Nathan said that when all the furniture arrived at Ella’s home on two Mico vehicles, Ella and her sister went berserk. “The girls were so excited. We’re part of a small community down here and it’s always good to do something for people in the local area who need it – we’d happily do it again,” he says.