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There are few spaces in the home that have experienced such a shift in approach over recent years as the bathroom. This essential but once uninspiring part of the home has evolved into an inviting, nurturing and beautiful room that not only echoes, but elevates a building’s overall aesthetic.

We have seen the introduction of colour and pattern, celebrated the reimagining of basins, baths and tapware, and even embraced concepts of sustainability and smart technology. But as we enter a new decade, what next?

Bathroom design will continue to evolve, amplifying spaces both big and small to new levels of style, comfort and functionality. Think fresh, energised colours, dynamic patterns, unexpected materials and smooth, sleek lines in everything from bowls and bathtubs to tiles and towel rails.

The options are greater than ever, but they can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re on hand to guide you through it.


Whats In


A trend that has gone from fashion and food into fixtures and fittings; there is no doubt the vintage fused with the contemporary is the look to love in bathrooms. It can suit a variety of tastes, whether channelling art deco with geometric tiles and oodles of black and gold, or within the brights, neons and florals popularised in the later 20th century. These styles serve to add warmth and depth to the cold technology of the modern home.


Ensures the bathroom provides an escape from the chaos of modern life, delivering an area of calm efficiency. In a nod to the Japanese aesthetic and its emphasis on ‘kanso’ (simplicity), it’s about making the best use of space and letting the essentials not only sing, but tell their stories.


Your mother might have told you mixing stripes and spots is a fashion no-no, but the rulebook is out the window, as patterns stand proudly side-by-side. This year you’ll find new shapes and textures in every aspect of bathroom design, not least in tapware, and there is a new appreciation of the dynamism that comes with bringing these patterns together.


Concrete Freestanding bath

Whats sticking around


Who can resist the smooth elegance of marble? Timeless, unique and eye-catchingly beautiful, it’s little wonder we keep it in our bathrooms year on year. Moderation is the key, using it in small doses as an accent, perhaps in a statement piece, rather than have it overwhelm the space.


As awareness of the vulnerability of the natural environment heightens, we have truly embraced it in interiors, bringing inside its healing qualities. In bathrooms this has led to proliferate use of earthy materials such as stone and timber, plus an emphasis on natural light, and the introduction of living plants. It has also made sustainability key in product choices.


Just as the little black dress is a solid wardrobe item, going back to black delivers a great outcome in most bathrooms. Timeless and stylish, it can be abundant for the showstopping, moody look, or simply work as an accent. When matched with warm metals and earthy tones you create an instant sanctuary.


Whats out


Sharp angles have had their moment, and are now gradually being smoothed out, as designers move away from rigid box shapes and lines in favour of something softer and more organic, with a relaxed feel. Rectangular basins and square mirrors are not out of the picture, but they have curved, rather than 90 degree, corners.


They’re affordable, versatile and pretty inoffensive, but as we enter a new decade we move away from simple white subway tiles laid horizontally. They’re evolving into a range of colours, sizes and textures – with even bevelled and arched options becoming popular. Lay them in unexpected patterns with contrasting grout and you have the new subway trend.


Mico Tip

Mico Bathroom Expert Louise Cook says: “Take inspiration from these trends but be clear on what you like – everyone has their own style and taste. Take your time and think about functionality; how you’re using your bathroom. I think it’s a matter of having a vision and then talking to someone specifically about how they can translate that – our team in your local Mico showroom can do that for you.”

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