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Though some may think the coloured tiles are bold, this colour palette will stand the test of time. Two feature walls - coloured tiles and navy sit harmoniously alongside the white bathroom ware and the timber accents are a true testament to the designer’s taste and these principles will work in any bathroom design.

A bath is a necessity in every bathroom built for comfort and luxury. This Reve Freestanding Cast Iron Bath is a spectacular standalone feature and is accompanied by a Stance Wall Mount bath set. The bath stands slightly higher than the rest of the floor; ensuring water overflow will run down the sloping floor tiles and into the shower – very practical.

Speaking of practical, the Escale Wall Hung Toilet Suite, simple yet elegant, unobtrusively occupies the space and gives the illusion of larger floor space. This is another component designed to enhance the theme and allow the bold geometric statement to remain centre stage.

Both a Flipside Slide Shower and Raincan Shower Head provide luxurious options and ease of use when showering. Both shower tapware are Stance Shower Mixers (WELS 5-star rated). The bold use of geometric lines meant that an open area shower at the end of the bathroom is a must. A closed off shower area would have impacted the effect of space. Consideration to theme and layout are essential before beginning.

The Kohler Reve Wall Mount Basin and Kohler Stance Basin Mixer add consistency to the room while also maintaining a modern tone. Complemented by the geometrical lights above and the circular mirror, the basin is a knockout element with floating vibes and clean-cut, precise angles. The room is a triumph of symmetry and neutrality – both combine to make a stunning statement.

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