Luxury bathroom design with wall hung vanity

It used to be the wow factor in interior design was reserved for living areas. Not anymore. As the bathroom has evolved from a space of function into more of a sanctuary, it has also become an area where aesthetic appeal is not optional – it’s key. 

No longer are identikit, faceless bathrooms the norm, in 2019 practical simplicity has been replaced by something more warm and inviting, memorable and uplifting. 

In new trends, clean lines have been given depth with layers of texture; while soft and soothing tones are enhanced with definition using beautiful pops of colour. The function of the space is still ever present, but it is smart, as the latest technology ensures ultimate ease of use; the hard work is done for you. 

These latest concepts are not constrained by space or budget, their very individual nature ensures they work as well in a small apartment ensuite as they do in an oversized family bathroom. 

The overall feel is one of uncomplicated luxury. There is no fuss or jarring, the space works as a whole, but it has flashes of brilliance. It weaves together many of the emerging trends in interior design, to create a room that delivers on every level. 

Bathroom with wall hung vanity 1 drawer unit.

Some of the themes central to bathrooms in 2019 include:


To accentuate the sense of luxury, everything has gone a little softer and more curvy. Last year saw the arrival of more egg-shaped and non-symmetrical curves, and that organic feel continues moving forward, as clinical lines make way for plumper spa baths, voluptuous bowls and big round bathroom mirrors.


Bright white has had its moment, and colour previously reserved for walls and floors has moved into baths and bowls, with the finish matte rather than gloss. Tonally it’s dark and moody – think soft plums, olives, jades and deep indigos – complemented by a new wave of earthy neutrals, in soft shades of sand, ivory and sage.


The popularity of black is showing no sign of waning, having moved from tapware into baths and basins – and now even shower framing. In new luxury bathroom design trends, classic monochrome is taking on a new level of interest with the likes of patterned black and white tiles, which are given sophistication against a backdrop of slates and pale greys.


Adding depth, dimension and luxury, gold is the metal of the moment – and not the shiny, showy yellow incarnation of yesteryear, but a warmer shade of soft champagne. Beautiful rather than bold, it is best used sparingly but effectively, with hints in the occasional handle, toothbrush holder or bathroom mirror frame adding a lush gorgeousness.


Moving away from a cookie-cutter perfect aesthetic that lacks character, wabi-sabi has emerged as a key trend in interior design, as seen in exposed old timber floors and unexpected shapes in basins. It embraces the simplicity of authentic, natural materials such as wood and stone, as well as imperfections within those deliver a luxury bathroom.

Square shower head.


The emphasis moving forward is on the tactile, embracing the wide range of materials available. From smooth marble to versatile granite, stone continues to provide a timeless element, while tiles are becoming more varied in look and shape. Bathroom wallpaper, especially that in bold designs with raised prints, is now much sought-after. While the wood look maintains its dominance, in 2019 once prevalent Scandi bleached varieties have made way for something darker, richer and more luxurious. The likes of mahogany, walnut and dark oak create a more indulgent, warmer feel, which is the perfect contrast to those colder ceramics.


Formerly viewed as a cheap flooring, a mishmash of materials bound together in a rough mosaic, today terrazzo is an on-trend and high impact look that works as well in tiles as it does in light fixtures. This year it has a more natural matte finish than in the past, and is more considered in terms of colours and arrangement in luxury bathroom design.


The single overhead light has long gone, and with LED strips and pendants, backlighting and spotlights, the bathroom can be divided into task zones and relaxation areas, creating the perfect ambience. Motion activated lights are also coming into play to further optimise user experience.


It was only a matter of time before our smart homes extended their reach into the bathroom, and finally touch screens, mirror art and sensor-activated capability has been realised. Taps with motion detectors are making their way into private homes this year, and LED faucet lights and automatic demisting mirrors are becoming more widespread. Read our latest posts on smart bathrooms to see how far we have come.

MICO Bathroom Design Tip

When playing with trends, balance is the key, combining textures and tones, function and innovative design, to avoid overwhelming the space. Mico’s in-store experts will help you achieve the perfect synergy.

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Luxury bathroom design with wall hung vanity

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