The Bath Design

bathroom design ideas

What epitomises luxury more than an opulent freestanding bath? Increasingly the centrepiece of a modern bathroom design, this year they have been reimagined in both colour and form. The dramatic look of bicolour, featuring contrasting colours inside and out, is evolving, as moody, earthy shades replace black and white. When it comes to shape, the options are ever more varied in both size and construct, but there is a clear move towards a softer look. As for positioning, when space allows, your statement bath should take pride of place, ideally on a raised platform. Want a more unique placement? What about making the bath a feature in the bedroom, or on a deck? As boundaries within the home fall, and bathroom fixtures become akin to furniture, these pieces no longer need to be tucked away.

The Shower design

For an uncomplicated, seamless bathroom look, it’s hard to beat a walk in shower and its sheer sense of spaciousness. The key bathroom design tip here is layering the space, considering a feature backdrop of glass, niches for storage instead of glass shelves, plus a foot nook for ease of shaving. In 2019 a simple slide rail shower will commonly be complemented by a rain shower emerging from the ceiling, and for the full immersive experience, wall jets will be included. Larger spaces cater for his and hers, and all can be controlled with the one push-button mixer, pre-set to your prefect pressure with customized spray settings. To illuminate the space and a touch of modern design, strip LED lighting will create the perfect ambience, although for those wanting to be fully soothed, chromotherapy showerheads emitting soft beams in healing shades are becoming popular. One last thing to think about is your shower space, whether you can fit a rectangle, round or square shower enclosure in your bathroom. You can always look through our Bathroom Book for more design ideas.

bathroom design tips

The Vanity

Bulky options gobbling up floor space have had their day, and now it’s time for floating / wall hung vanities to shine, helping to simplify and enlarge the appearance of an area. The clean look they emanate is further enhanced with the disappearance of fussy handles and drawer pulls, to be replaced with integrated options. Wood is becoming the material of choice, with trends moving away from the lighter options into richer versions, adding warmth and texture.

The Basin

Modern designers have turned their attention to this once-overlooked essential in recent years and bathroom hand basins can now rival baths when it comes to being the hero of the room. To avoid the two competing, consider a bowl which echoes the look of the tub, tonally and texturally. While rustic stone options have become more widespread, in 2019 metallic basins are emerging as a favourite, with soft gold a particular standout. There are few types of basins to choose from, pedestal basins to wall hung, undermount basins, semi recessed basins or vessel basins.

The Tapware

Formerly one of the less dynamic parts of this space, tapware is now hot property. The choices are endless when it comes to materials, and playful new designs make a true feature of how your water emerges from the wall. While black is continuing in its dominance, frontrunners over the coming year include soft golds and brushed brass, as well as the more unexpected gunmetal and rich chocolate.

Cupboards and Shelves

Open bathroom shelves are back in vogue, adding a feel of lightness and space. When used for piles of plush towels, delicately scented candles and attractive beauty bottles, these enhance that feel of a spa, just beware of overfilling; this is more about the aesthetic than the storage. A quick storage tip for smaller bathrooms, when it comes to places to tuck away essentials, floating cupboards, which now come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, are the way to go, ideally with internal lighting.

bathroom design tips

The Toilet

Rimless toilets are no longer a luxury, they are becoming standard in 2019 as a more efficient, hygienic and easier cleaning model. And we are making this bathroom essential work harder in other ways. Toilets with lids that automatically open and which feature integrated lighting, heated seats, white noise to disguise unpleasant sounds, built-in deodorisers, multiple washing modes and self-cleaning functionality are in hot demand. This is not coming at the expense of aesthetics, with elegant, sophisticated modern designs now widespread.

Bathroom walls and floors

Tiling floor to ceiling is now common, with shapes moving away from the rectangular into the more unexpected; think hexagons, diamonds, Moroccan arabesque and fish scales. Different tactile materials are also in-vogue, including darker marble and honed concrete. Just keep in mind balance; while tiles can have a place on the ceiling as well as the floor, too much of one bold choice will overwhelm the space. For those with an aversion to grout lines, there are more options than ever, from glass – which can feature printed imagery – to bold patterned wallpaper. Of this year’s trending colours, earthy tones like forest green as well as pale greys are among the easiest to work with, although all shades of blue, from indigo and denim to rich turquoise, are also taking their turn in the spotlight.


Bigger is better in 2019 as elegant mirrors are used to create a sense of space, adding light and dimension to a room. Whether you go for wall-to-wall or something with an intricate frame, size does matter. Round versions are becoming a go-to for interior designers, some featuring a decorative glass shelf across the bottom, with most backlit. To combine aesthetic and function, recessed mirrored cabinets help maximize storage, while the new wave of smart mirrors are starting to make an impact. 


Those little touches that make a house a home – art, greenery, a comfy chair, treasured ceramics  – have well and truly established their place in a modern bathroom design, meaning personalization is more easily achievable than ever. This year pineapples – in everything from prints to towels – are replacing former favourite the cacti as decorative accents of choice. And don’t forget the essentials; the likes of towel rails, toothbrush holderstoilet roll holders and toilet brushes can seamlessly match the tapware, blend into the walls or display a little flair.

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bathroom design ideas

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