Why did you decide to renovate your bathroom?
Our story is a bit different to most renovation stories. Soon after we bought our house, we had a serious fire and the house sustained a lot of damage. During the repair process, we decided to make some alterations to the original structure, and part of that was deciding to put an en suite where the garage once was. So this was a real case of "starting from the ground up".
What was your design inspiration for your bathroom project?
We wanted something that was modern but classic - so that it wouldn't date. We wanted it to be functional and also a really lovely, peaceful space to be in. We spent a lot of time looking through Mico's website and bathroom book, which were both really helpful in narrowing down the kind of aesthetic we were going for.
What is the best thing about your new bathroom?
I really love our double vanity. It exemplifies what we were going for with the bathroom in that it is really practical but also has a beautiful design. It has great storage (I get three drawers and Dan gets one, hehe), and it's big enough that we can both get ready at the same time and not feel cramped.
What is your top piece of advice for anyone embarking on a bathroom renovation?
Do some research before you start. Talk to friends, look online and take notice of bathrooms that you use to work out what kind of design aesthetic you like and what features are important to you. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions. We had never done a bathroom renovation before (and so had A LOT of questions) and the staff at Mico were extremely helpful. We felt really looked after every step of the way and what could have been a stressful time turned out to be a really fun process.