Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you looking for inspiration, the little sparkle that makes you go, "aha!"? When it comes to sensational bathroom ideas, Mico takes the mantle and leads you through all trends, design ideas and innovations. Here we have gathered all of the bathroom ideas in one place, from our experts’ design tips to inspirational designs. Read through the articles, flick through the galleries and get inspired for your next bathroom remodel project.

Opulence abounds for restroom amenities in new Sylvia Park extension

Mico Design worked to complement a new, upmarket shopping and dining experience at Sylvia Park with modern, sleek bathroom fixtures.

Antonia Prebble's Bathroom Renovation

Antonia Prebble has recently renovated her bathroom with the help of Mico bathroom specialists. We have asked her some questions to help guide you through your renovation.

Small & Great

Gone are the days when size was a barrier; using the latest design ideas and bathroom pieces, your snug bathroom, ensuite or powder room will be comfortable, not cramped. The key is efficiency, utilising every centimetre of space to create something that feels spacious no matter what its dimensions or your small bathroom layout.

Expertly Use Bathroom Fixtures

The essential components in a bathroom are no longer just part of the wallpaper, in 2019 colour, texture and pattern ensure every element can sing.