Naturally Nature - Trends 2018

Nature: n. the physical world collectively, including plants, the landscape and other features and products of the earth.

Picture yourself in an oasis that seamlessly blends outside with in. Take in the raw beauty of timber finishing and breathe in the lush scent of abundant greenery. Walking into the shower feels like stepping into a cascading waterfall, while sinking into the bath could be likened to relaxing into a warm rock pool.

Naturally Nature - Trends 2018

Long avoided in wet environments, wood now abounds in bathrooms and is the key to this trend – albeit in a slightly lighter, more natural tone for 2018. American oak is a stunning choice for vanities and cabinetry, but the range of timber-appearance options is broad. All match beautifully wide range of beautiful vessel basins

If you opt for a drop-in bath, consider using timber-look or stone-effect tiles for the surround. The more open the shower the better – and a higher ceiling will only emphasize that feeling of being unconstrained in nature. Keep the toilet simple, tucking it away into a recess if the dimensions of the room allow it.

Keep the shape of tapware clean and simple, while recreating the sense of being pummeled by the elements with oversized dumper showerheads and multiple jets. A ceiling-mounted overhead version will help the impression of a waterfall of water.
In terms of materials, the new metallics perfectly complement timber; copper tones will add warmth, while delicate rose gold pairs beautifully with woodgrain.

Timber-look tiles will continue their popularity this year, though a smoother-looking finish is edging out the more distressed version. Cork, which comes in a variety of textures, is also emerging as a popular choice; it feels warm underfoot – plus it gets the green tick, being exceptionally sustainable. 

Get creative with niches, tiling these in contrasting accents of texture and colour – a pebble look can work well. For those whose bathrooms face into bush or a private garden area, the ultimate way of bringing nature to the fore is with floor-to-ceiling windows as a backdrop to the shower or bath, seamlessly blending indoors with out.

Pantone named ‘Greenery’ as their 2017 Colour of the Year — a hue described as a ‘fresh and zesty yellow-green’ — and it maintains its popularity into 2018, cropping up in a variety of towels and accessories. Peppering interiors with plants has become a mega-trend which shows no sign of abating, but keep it fresh with potted olive trees, which are easy to maintain and thrive in wet areas.

Natural light really enhances this look, and has the added benefits of conserving energy and helping balance your internal clock. As a result, bathrooms with direct roof access are increasingly incorporating skylights this year. Artificial lighting should mirror the effect of shafts of sunlight streaming into the room.
Consider LED strips of light emerging from joinery to create ambience. Reinforce the sense of sunny warmth with underfloor heating.

Beware of overdoing it. Too many plants matched with timber and you’re in danger of creating the look of an over-stuffed greenhouse. 



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