There is an inescapable, unavoidable, nerve-racking moment in every race, the moment when years of planning, scheming, designing, building, and training lies behind you, and the day finally arrives when you find out whether you got it right!

On 6th of March 2021 that moment will have arrived. MICO will be hosting you for a weekend of luxury and excitement in Auckland on the beautiful Waitemata Harbour.

The pristine waters of the Hauraki Gulf are set to explode in a rush of adrenaline fueled, high octane racing as these massive boats (AC75’s) go head to head to be the first to win seven races.

“The America’s Cup is the pinnacle of sailing, so to be in that position to be racing for the Cup, that’s an incredible opportunity,” says INEOS Team UK skipper, Sir Ben Ainslie. “There’s always a lot of pressure but if you enjoy that kind of thing then there’s no better platform in the sport of sailing.”

Make sure you are there to see all the action, first-hand!



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  • 2 nights’ accommodation at the Quest Newmarket
  • Return Coach transfers to or MICO Trade Edge marquee at 10.30am on sailing day
  • 11 hours of VIP hospitality including 5 hours on the harbour on a luxury super yacht with front row viewing of the racing (details below)
  • A second day of race viewing -  and hospitality (beverages and canapes) with big screen race viewing at a luxury harbourside venue (land based)
  • Return coach transfers from your accommodation to the venue

Flights and airport transfers are available for anyone outside of Auckland


  Mico Trade Edge Points
Double Per Person 28,000
Single Per Person 33,000
Per Person no accommodation required 25,000
Double PP including flights ex Christchurch 32,000
Double PP including flights ex Wellington 31,000


Masteka 2 is an elegant superyacht with classic lines.

Nominated for superyacht of the year in the 30-40m category 2009, her Ed Dubois styling shines in every aspect of her design. Masteka 2’s expansive deck space, sleek appearance and generous layout create a sophisticated and functional yacht.

Cruising Sydney Harbour, the Whitsundays and South Pacific, Masteka 2 is a modern 37m superyacht with expedition capabilities.


Experience the 36th Match up close and personal where the day will start with pre-race hospitality in a purpose built marquee right in the heart of the action at Silo Park. Then head out onto the Hauraki Gulf on our own private, exclusive charter boat to get up close to the action on the race course followed by post-race hospitality back at the marquee.

  • Eleven hours of fully inclusive hospitality in the marquee and on the water
  • Prime position hospitality marquee situated in the heart of the action on Wynyard Wharf
  • Premium beverage package including a selection of beers, wine and soft drinks
  • Canapés on arrival, sumptuous lunch, afternoon tea (on vessel), post sailing light supper back in the marquee
  • Inclusive of 3-4 hours of hospitality on your private vessel out on the Hauraki Gulf in a prime viewing location on the race course
  • Entertainment – Professional MC and special guest speakers taking you through pre-race logistics and post-racing debriefs, live music, and large screens with live coverage
  • Commemorative gift
  • MICO Trade Edge hosts for the duration of your weekend in Auckland

Note: As the Official Corporate Hospitality Supplier to the event our boats will have access to a prime viewing location on the race course.


  • Coach transfers to and from your accommodation to the venue
  • A private waterside venue with 3 hours of beverages and substantial canapes
  • Big screen yacht racing and commentary


  • Dress code is smart casual
  • Collared shirts and dress shorts are required
  • T-shirts, singlets, board shorts and jandals are not permitted
  • Dress for the weather - it is advisable to bring a weather proof jacket
  • Be prepared for all weather - bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, sea sickness pills and outer layers for cover.

The following shoes are not allowed on board the boats:

  • Stilettos or high heel shoes
  • Jandals or open-toed shoes
  • Dark soled shoes (white or light coloured soles only).

Register now to secure your spot!

Get in quick, numbers are limited.

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“AC36 Rule” means any ruling or decision relating to a Race in accordance with the protocols, rules and any other governing document relating to the America's Cup Match;

“Day 1” means 6 March 2020, which is the scheduled race day for Races 1 and 2;

“Day 2” means 7 March 2020, which is the scheduled race day for Races 3 and 4;

“Day 3” means 10 March 2020, which is the scheduled race day for Races 5 and 6;

“Day 4” means 12 March 2020, which is the scheduled race day for Races 7 and 8;

“Race” means any race to be held in relation to the America's Cup Match;

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