This season the teams need to step up their game like never before as they renovate the biggest houses in The Block NZ history on Auckland’s North Shore. The teams have just 12 weeks to complete their three-storey family homes. The teams have just 12 weeks to complete their three-storey family homes. Each home has three to four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a double garage. But the most stunning feature of these houses is undoubtedly the roof terrace which boasts spectacular views of the city, harbour and Rangitoto Island. This year the footprint of the houses is almost identical, so the teams will need to really push the boundaries and showcase their design skills like never before if they want to earn the highest price on auction day.

BEST FRIENDS FROM PALMERSTON NORTH Friends and flatmates, Stace and Yanita are bubbly and vivacious, with enough energy and enthusiasm to exhaust their opponents in no time. Their close bond has seen them through many good times, and they believe their Block experience will only strengthen their friendship.
BROTHERS FROM CHRISTCHURCH Born and bred in Christchurch, these cheeky tradies are the youngest team this year. Their laid back attitude might fool some, but there is plenty of determination and drive behind the jokes and banter.
BROTHERS-IN-LAW FROM HAMILTON These men didn’t choose each other, their wives did! Luckily for Andy and Nate, neither could have asked for a better brother-in-law.
IDENTICAL TWINS FROM AUCKLAND These savvy sisters already own a 'feature lighting company' together, so they definitely have an eye for design and a track record of working successfully as a team.