Trends 2016

Bathroom Trends 2016

Mico’s take on upcoming bathroom trends - it’s elementary dear bathroom enthusiast! We discuss what’s new in bathroom design and where bathroom space is headed as we look toward 2016.

The bathroom is a place of contemplation, comfort, luxury and functionality. It’s the busiest room in the house aside from the kitchen for family, friends and visitors. It’s a place that is private and public all at the same time. Your bathroom is a statement and it’s exciting to think about making over a tired bathroom or building a new one. It’s not an easy feat to achieve whilst juggling busy lifestyles and the inconvenience that is caused when the bathroom is being renovated. At Mico, we’re here to make it easy. We’re here to help make your bathroom vision a reality and the envy of many.

So let’s get started with a look at the latest news. We have seen trends stay consistent in bathrooms from previous years. Some will continue through to 2016 whilst new trends will emerge – it’s all about modern, contemporary spaces

Going into 2016 we will see three natural elements shining through – timber, stone and metal. New Zealanders love to use natural products in their design and bringing such iconic features of New Zealand such as timber into a bathroom creates a natural and breathable space.


Timber and timber veneer surfaces were stronger than ever in the market in 2015. Timber-look tiles are now seen on floors and walls in the shower and can carry through to the rest of the bathroom. 

In 2016, we will see refined, crafted and engineered options that will incorporate the modern needs of technology and functionality. Even the vanity is embracing crafted textured timber joinery. Think seamless finishes in dark walnuts and chestnuts with quiet, soft closing features which depict a warm and natural home. The fresh and elegant look of textured pale timbers is also a popular alternative to the conservative white, adding a subtle warm textured look. Tactile substrates and texture is in. Look out for fretwork detailing used not just in wallpaper but in timber as well for added layering and interest. 

Stone is another key feature in 2016 bathrooms. Natural, coloured, raw finished and engineered stone are just some of what’s available now. Incorporating slabs and tiles of rust, black, washed concrete and coloured marbles like deep ink purples and limed yellows, and the most favoured – the luxe look of Carrera marble, is ideal for creating a contemporary moody tone. White Carrera marble slabs, dark greys in engineered Caesarstone to Laminan sheets in bronzed
rust or plum tones give our New Zealand homes the natural colour injection sometimes needed with a white pallet for light, reflective values.

Metals like rose gold, copper, pewter and brass were hot favourites in 2014/2015 and this now includes rust on the list for 2016. The metallic look can be found not only in basic hardware and plumbing fittings but also in tiles, fabrics, wallpapers and paints. Metallic finishes add glamour and entitlement to the interior space but can also be used to create a rustic down to earth tone.

Another natural element evolving within the bathroom is the incorporation of the Living Wall which can be as low key as a lily on the windowsill to a full wall of succulents and natives or even the edible version. We all benefit from a living wall which provides noise reduction, more oxygen and a sense of wellbeing, while also zoning in on and showcasing the natural elements of New Zealand.

Not just natural elements though…

Glass has previously only been incorporated into basic showers, mirrors and more recently wall hung shelves. Larger pieces of glass are now more affordable with new innovation in the window joinery trade and smarter design. We will see more open areas with showers featuring one large glass panel, ensuring the
whole space is utilised and striking tiles and colours behind can be celebrated rather than hidden.

The vast colour options for glass nowadays can give a space a subtle natural glacial shimmer to a filtered ambient warm glow. Into and beyond 2016 we will see more technology integrated into interior glass surfaces like a laser printed pattern on the glass of showers, splash backs and mirrors.


The colour Blue was said to outlast a 5 year trend and it has, still being the colour of choice for walls and tiles. Last year we saw the emergence of ‘Moody Blue’ overtones in designers bathroom planning and taking the stage this year are Indigo blues and Ink blues which will warm the typical cold tones of blue attributed to bathrooms. Whites are trending to a green base more than the dominant grey or beige base of previous years. Syrupy chocolate browns, plum, soft greens
and pale pinks have entered the colour charts making the palette more subdued than vibrant. Limed greens, rich zesty yellows and ink purples will add some punch being incorporated into smaller areas of the space like accessories and feature walls. Printed tiles are very on trend for a personal touch to make the space more crafted.

Lighting - what light reflects and strategically shadows can add a whole new dimension to a space. Think LED strip lights into negative detailing allowing the light to flood a wall. The texture and interest this creates allows a space to feel warm and soulful.


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